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Do you deliver every image that you shoot?

No.  We eliminate test shots, duplicate images, shots that may have bad expressions, and other images that may alter the overall product delivery.  We do not expect our clients to have the time nor expertise to look deep into every picture to find the one with the best clarity, for example, so we do that on our end over many hours of post production.  We love getting candid shots and tend to take a few extras during these times to ensure we capture a great expression.  With all that being said, we do deliver the best images and would never hold anything back from our clients.

Have you photographed my venue before?

We have shot at quite a few venues, so there is a good chance of that.  If we haven't however, we always visit the venue to perform a walk through and scout the best photography spots.  We do a lot of prep work prior to your big day!

 How would you describe your photography style?

We love capturing candid moments!  Since we are a husband and wife photography team, we tend to get the best of both worlds in the sense of formal portraits and candid moments throughout your wedding day!  We both have our own style which leaves you with a wonderful variety of wedding photos!  We love to get the shots that you expect when you book a photographer along with the real emotion of the day, but we also tend to spice it up a little and capture the unexpected and wow shots!

How do I book you for my wedding?

The first step is to connect with us on our Contact Us page.  I promise - we don't bite!  Once we are in contact, we can determine if we are available for your wedding date.  If we are available, and you feel like we are a match,  a 50% non-refundable retainer on  your wedding collection is required to secure your wedding date, as well as a contract which outlines our services.

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Do you travel or do destination weddings?

Good News!!  Our passports are up to date, and we are more than willing to go on a journey with you for your big day!  Contact us to go over specific travel fees for locations outside of Central Florida.

Do you touch up all of the images we receive?

Absolutely! Every image we deliver to our clients is edited during our post production stage.  We want to deliver the perfect representation of the day!  We work hard to make any needed color corrections, adjustments to the exposure and/or clarity, selective black and white processing, and any other corrections that we feel would really make your images WOW you! Think of it like baking a cake.  The photographing is just one part of the recipe.  Once we have the photos, we edit them and produce a final product, like a baker would produce a cake, not just the ingredients.

Do you do other types of photography besides weddings?

We have chosen to focus and shine at wedding and event photography, however, we do have experience in many different fields of photography.  We do still offer Family Portraits, Real Estate, Newborn Sessions, Headshots, Individual & Senior Portraits, etc.  Feel free to contact us!

Do you back up our images? 

Yes!  We back up our images the same day as your wedding!  We back up to two separate external hard drives to ensure your photos are safe!

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What is a first look and do you recommend it?

A first look at a wedding is an intimate moment where the couple gets to see each other before the wedding ceremony.  We will set up the couple at the right angles for the best photos, as well as the best experience.  A first look normally takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. That time fits in the wedding timeline one to two hours before guests start arriving to ensure that special moment with just you two, and privacy from guests.  The best place for a first look is in an intimate or remote location.  We always recommend a first look, however we never pressure our couples to do anything they don't want to do!  A first look allows you to have a private emotional moment with just your soon to be spouse and you, and guaranteed time for amazing couple portraits!  If you prefer the traditional aisle ceremony as your first look, we are good to go with that as well, just please make sure to schedule enough time for photos after the ceremony. 

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes!  A lot of venues actually require vendors to have Liability Insurance.  We can provide your venue with a Certificate of Insurance. 
Dreamscape Photography, LLC is a fully licensed (registered with the city, county, and the state) and insured business. 

How many images will we receive?

For a 2 hour engagement session, we typically deliver between 40-60 images, and for a wedding we typically deliver about 50 - 80 images per hour of coverage.  Please keep in mind that it really depends on the amount of time we are hired for as well as the flow and activities and/or events that occur.   

When will we receive our images?

Images will be posted to your online client gallery within 90 days from the date of your wedding.  Obviously, we will always try to do it before that time frame, but we will never forgo the quality of your images just to deliver them quicker.  Also, engagement sessions (as well as other portrait sessions) are posted to your online gallery within 30 days from the date of the session.   

Dreamscape Wedding Photography
Can I post my photos on my social media pages?

Absolutely!! We would actually love for you to share with your friends and family on your social media so they can enjoy your photos as well as learn about Dreamscape Photography!  We actually receive most of our business from word of mouth referrals, so we would appreciate a tag or a shout out!  Also, if you do share your photos, please don't add any filters as it misrepresents our work.

Can you help with finalizing our Wedding Timeline?

Definitely!! We actually prefer it when our couples reach out to us while they are planning their timeline so we can give some wonderful options and advice.  We have been to a lot of weddings and can definitely provide some solid help!  Things to keep in mind are the time of the ceremony for the best lighting, enough time for formal portraits as well as couple portraits, and any travel time.  Since we are a husband and wife team, we can also help keep things on schedule because of the power of two. 

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How long will our images be available on your online client gallery?

Images are hosted on our online client gallery for 3 months from the date you receive the link and pin to download.  We host the images for 3 months to allow more than enough time to download them. 

What if I lose my images?

There is a $25 replacement charge for additional downloads after your online client gallery has been archived.  This is why we highly recommend making a copy of the downloaded images.  We do archive all of our final edited images, so don't panic! 

Do you do albums?

We absolutely do albums.  We love putting together such a classic piece of your life in a beautiful album to help preserve the memories!  We also can design save-the-dates, as well as order prints and wall coverings for your home.

Still have questions?

Please feel free to send us a message or give us a call.  Our information can be found on the Contact Us page of our website.